Wang Xiaoying
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Well-known Chinese theatre director, Doctor of directing. Former Executive Vice-President of National Theatre of China. Vice-President of the China Theatre Association, PhD Supervisor of the Central Academy of China. The national expert in direct communication with the central government, a priority member of “Four Batches” of Talents for the national publicity and cultural system; an expert for the special government allowance of the State Council; winner of Excellent Drama Artist and Outstanding Director of the New Century awards.

Major Works:

 Drama: Warrior Lanling, Fusheng, Richard III, The Crucible, Copenhagen, Jane Eyre, The Premier in Qing Dynasty, Red, Taking Leave, 1977, Burnt by the Sun, The Song of Xiang Yu, Man and Wilderness; Opera: The Dawns Here Are Quiet, Diaoyucheng; Dance Opera: The Red Dress; Musical Play: Mulan, Broken Bridges, Huaer and the Bugler, Cantabile Gulangyu; Melodrama: Wild Goose Singing in the Sky, The Old House; Peking Opera: All Quiet in Peking; Kun Opera: The Heart of Dark Stone; Huangmei Opera: Half Moon; Yue Opera: The Orphan of Zhao; Ping Opera: Eight Woman Fighters; Qinqiang Opera: Moon of the Dawn in Guanzhong.  Works Overseas: The Orphan of Zhao (Greece), The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Australia), Zhuang Zhou’s Wife (USA); Opera: II Trovatore (Denmark); Blindness, Everything in the Garden (Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR). 。On the basis of creation and practice, he has conducted research on the theory of directing art, and published works From Hypothesis to Poetic Image, Assumption in Drama Performance, Thinking of Drama, etc.

Major Awards: 

He has won many national awards such as Wenhua Grand Award for Directors, Golden Lion Award for Directors, China Arts Festival Award for Directors, China Theater Festival Award for Directors, and China Opera Festival Award for Directors.

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