Ren Dongsheng
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Deputy Director of the Teaching Practice Center of Beijing Dance Academy, Postgraduate Supervisor, National First-class Stage Designer, and the Executive Deputy Director of the Lighting Professional Committee of the China Stage Art Association.

Major Works: 

Dance Dramas: The Ballad of Landscape, Nanjing City 1937, Huang Daopo, Dancing Girl of Tongque Platform, Chinese Classical Dance: Pink·Ink, Deep Love of Home, Confucius, Guan Yu, The Banquet, The Story of Ancient Qi, Lady Zhaojun Leaves the Frontier, Deep Memory: Nanjing Massacre, The Skyway on the Tibetan Plateau, The Never Fading Radio Wave; Musical Dramas: Beshbalik, Allure of the Forest, Sparks, Love in the Stars; Dramas: Youth is the Taste of Lemon, Gu Diudiu, Traditional Flavor, The Last War Elephant, Birdman, etc; Acrobatic Dramas: Hello, Avanti, Dream Nine Odes, Pink Ink; Opera: Nannies on Taihang Mountain, etc; Variety Shows and Performances: Performance of Beijing Week at the World Expo, PANDA, Epic of the Western Xia Regime, etc; Dance Works: Lighting Design for more than 1000 dance works such as Begonia, Rouge Button, Fan Dance, Carving of Root, Heroes under the Wreckage, Stepping Song, My Old Wife, Peacock Flying, Fan Bone, Sound of Drum, Kong Yiji.

Major Awards: 

Carving of Root: Gold Award of Lighting Design in the Third Lotus Cup China Dance Competition; Sound of Drum: Gold Award of Lighting Design in the 6th National Dance Competition; The Ballad of Landscape of Wuhan Opera and Dance Theater: National “Five Firsts” Award; Nanjing City 1937 of China Opera and Dance Theatre: Gold Medal of “Lotus Cup”, National “Five Firsts” Project Award; Youth is the Taste of Lemon of Wuhan People’s Art Theatre’s: Gold Award for Lighting Design of the Fifth National Children’s Theatre Festival, one of China’s Top Ten Outstanding Plays of 2007; Huang Daopo of Hainan Opera and Dance Theatre won the Wenhua Lighting Design Award in the 8th China Arts Festival (Wuhan); Children Play Gu Diudiu of Wuhan People’s Art Theatre: the First Prize of the 2009 National Children’s Theatre Performance, National “Five Firsts” Project Award; Xinjiang Acrobatic Troupe’s acrobatic play Hello, Avanti: the Excellent Lighting Design Award for the Fourth National Ethnic Minority Cultural Performance and the Best Stage Design Award at the Benois de la Danse International Ballet Festival in Russia; The Skyway on the Tibetan Plateau, Never Fading Radio Wave: the Wenhua Award in the 12th China Arts Festival (Shanghai); Visual master design for the first, second and third seasons of conceptual performance Dialogue - Fable 2047; Choreography Director of the evening party for the 20th Anniversary of “Macao’s return to the motherland”.

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