Huang Dingshan
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Director and artist, theatre educator, member of the National Committee of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, director of the China Theatre Association, former head of the opera troupe of the General Political Department (GPD) of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA); He is entitled the expert allowance from the State Council and has won honorary titles of national art worker with virtue and skills, outstanding artist of theatre and outstanding director of the new century.

Major Works: 

Dramas: Wait for You in Paradise, Zhang Zhidong, Police, Collapse 1911, Doctor Zhuang Shihua, Xiaoping Path, The 29th Tree, Dong Biwu, Heroes of Earth, A Promise of Spring, Memory Passwords, A Soldier Born on Yellow Soil, Iron Curtain, Indecency, Looking for Mountain Spring; Operas: Sun Snow, Xiao Erhei’s Tortuous Marriage, The Yellow River in China, Red Army in Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Ma Xiangyang-A Grassroots Cadre in the Countryside, Spring, Hero, Chen’s Family, Yi Meng Mountain Range; Musical: Folk Songs Comparing to Spring Rivers; Operas: Songjiang’s Ethos, etc.

Major Awards: 

He has won multiple national awards such as Outstanding Works Award of “Five Firsts Project” in National Spiritual Civilization Construction, Wenhua Award, Screenwriting Award and Director Award of Chinese art festival, Top Ten Works of the National Stage Art Project, Outstanding Drama Award, Outstanding Director Award of Chinese Drama Award, Screenwriting Award and Director Award of Golden Lion Award for Chinese Drama, Outstanding Screenwriting Award of Cao Yu Drama Award of China, and People’s Liberation Army Literature and Art Award.

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