Idea Origin

In recent years, Liangshan Cultural & Tourism Group has cooperated with famous artists at home and abroad, such as, national opera ‘Yi Hong’, Chinese-American bilingual musical ‘Flood in the Valley’, live show ‘Areniu’ and five years ‘Daliangshan Symphonic Concert’.  We found Liangshan has the conditions for developing the theatre with a large number of theatre creator and fans. We will set up an art journey of the mountain and lake in southwest China. We are going to launch a culture and art festival in Liangshan as Edinburgh International Festival, Festival d'Avignon and other famous international theatre festivals. Liangshan International Theatre Festival combines national and international characters and it will bring more diversified and extensive culture contents. This festival will raise the global awareness and reputation of Daliangshan.

Every year along with Chinese lunar calendar Slight Snow, winter is approaching, the bid dipper is falling, Daliangshan International Theatre Festival invites you to discover the mountains, the lakes, the city and the spring with sunshine in southwest China. Here is Liangshan, Qionghai and Xichang. 

Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture is the largest settlement of Yi nationality in China. It is the east-west trade corridor and the north-south ethnic culture center.   Alongside the ancient southern silk road, there are Anning river, Luoji Mountain, Lugu Lake and Shangri-La. Chengkun railway which was built in early 1970 is the representation of the southern silk road. Nowadays this highway makes the distance shorter and warms the people’s heart. This is the scenery of the evolution of human civilization.

Drama is born with the heart of compassion, truth and redemption. It is an ideology with the spirit of reflection and innovation. Whatever we are experiencing the happiness or sadness of the life, we still expect the real theatre. Yi people believe the soul heaven. We find a pure land to welcome theatre and welcome theatre professionals. We will start from here, and let the theatre take place without the barrier of nations, times, skin colors, races, languages and characters. In sunshine winter, we will play drama here, mountain and lake as the stage, blooming flower as the setting, and every smiling face as the actor. 

We love the inspiration of the drama, so we are looking for the inspiring drama work. This is the purpose of the Mountain Unit, Lake Unit and City Unit of Daliangshan International Theatre Festival. The drama is on the stage, the stage is in the city, and the city is surrounded by mountains and lakes.  When we see every stage, we will have the landscape feeling and marvelous glamour. We all believe the dramas take place in Liangshan. 

George Bernard Shaw said ‘Life is not a short candle, it should be a torch temporarily held by us. We must burn it bright and shining, and then hand it over to next generation.’ This Yi nationality settlement is well known as its Torch Festival.  We will take theatre as the torch to promote this area. Liangshan in on show.

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